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  • Module Overhaul: tds-vRops

    16th Jan 2022 by

    In the automation world, we have a tendency to touch on a particular product or technology then move on to something else. I did a bit of work on vRops a while back now, and having circled back around to it recently it was time to update the module and add some new functions relating… Read more

  • ESXi NTP Configuration with PowerShell

    4th Jun 2021 by

    As part of a recent automation workflow, I had cause to configure NTP on ESXi hosts. I honestly thought this would be easier than it was, but a couple of issues led me to “roll my own” function which I’m sharing here.

  • Native TAR File Extraction with PowerShell

    20th May 2021 by

    That’s right, tar-ball 😉 On one of my projects recently, I had cause to extract a .tar.gz file during the automation process. If you are in this scenario there are potentially a couple of options around this which I’ll cover off. However, I wanted a simple, native function with no dependencies, so keep reading to… Read more

  • Building ISO Files with PowerShell 7

    16th Mar 2021 by

    A function that’s been part of my toolkit for a long time is New-ISOFile by Chris Wu. This excellent little function allowed you to build an ISO file directly from PowerShell, even a bootable one. I came to use it recently on an automation project with PowerShell 7 and discovered there was some compatibility issue… Read more

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