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  • Building ISO Files with PowerShell 7

    16th Mar 2021 by

    A function that’s been part of my toolkit for a long time is New-ISOFile by Chris Wu. This excellent little function allowed you to build an ISO file directly from PowerShell, even a bootable one. I came to use it recently on an automation project with PowerShell 7 and discovered there was some compatibility issue… Read more

  • ESXi & The Big MAC Mystery

    3rd Mar 2021 by

    A scripting “opportunity” came up this week. Apparently ESXi assigns a virtual (or “shadow”) MAC address to each of its physical adapters, over and above the native physical MAC. The request was to report on all of these MACs across a large number of hosts. Read on to see how this resulted in the Get-esxiShadowMAC… Read more

  • Bulk Uplink Configuration on Distributed Switches

    13th Feb 2020 by

    Recently, as part of some work to install new physical adapters into our ESXi hosts, I was asked to look at some automation around uplink failover order. If you ever have to change these, it can be somewhat tedious, especially if you have lots of port groups, switches and vCenters. Since I’ve been slacking on… Read more

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